What are the needs of the poor entrepreneurs do not need to start

said that the poor entrepreneurs, many people say that the poor do not have money to start a business ah, in fact, the lack of entrepreneurship is not the lack of money, but the other! So what is the lack of entrepreneurship for the poor, the needs of the poor need? The following small series will bring you a story through the answer!

will published, there are 48561 people send their answers. These answers are various. The vast majority of people believe that the lack of the poor is, of course, money. If you have money, you will not be poor. Another part of the view that the poor are poor, the most missing is the opportunity. The poor people are poor, poor in the back. There is also a part of the view that the poor are most lacking skills. Good for nothing, so poor. Have proficiency in a particular line to get rich quick. On the anniversary of the death of the rich man. His lawyers and agents, under the supervision of the Justice Department, opened a private safe in the bank. The secret of his wealth. Of all the answers, only one girl who is only 9 years old.

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