Hebei three years of entrepreneurial action plan launched in full swing

In 13th Five-Year

construction plan was officially launched, with the interaction of the mass innovation of entrepreneurial activity, Hebei started to implement action plan for employment for three years from 2016, to promote labor employment.

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, and further optimize the business environment, stimulate and release the entrepreneurial vitality, achieve entrepreneurial employment goals and tasks, Hebei province started to implement a "plan of action for employment for three years". From 2016 to 2018, the province will support entrepreneurship 300 thousand (including 30 thousand students), led 900 thousand people in employment, entrepreneurship training 600 thousand people; the construction of all kinds of business incubators, business park, a passenger space public record space of more than 400 of new loans to 2 billion yuan; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial college graduates employment guidance funds reached 100 million yuan.

Business incubator

broaden financial support channel. To encourage the country to raise, venture capital support, encourage enterprises, industry associations, NGOs and other angel investors in a variety of ways to businesses and entrepreneurs to provide financial support.

play a central role of entrepreneurship policy loans to support entrepreneurship, optimize loan projects, the adjustment of local interest burden is heavy labor intensive enterprises loans, focused on solving the problem of college students, capacity to the unemployed, the precise poverty alleviation project object individual initial financial difficulties, the network business, flexible employment of workers receiving recommended

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