Venture exclusive classic Cheats three years to make you earn a million

what kind of cheats, can let you in a short period of three years to enjoy the benefits of a million? We all say that we can gain some experience from the following examples.

the Stinky tofu shop owner is a couple, the husband of Li Baoqing and his wife Xiong Juanying articulate personality, gentle and kind, only three years, they have been in Nanchang opened 11 Stinky tofu shop, the annual turnover reached about 3000000 yuan, their entrepreneurial story also from 2000 began to speak.

stalls selling the Stinky tofu is It is quite common for each string, Li Baoqing found that cost less than one yuan Stinky tofu, can be sold for two dollars, people have to eat in a continuous line. So a total of two people decided to go home to sell stinky tofu. However, how to make stinky tofu, they know nothing, the only way is to go out to learn.

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