Pet shop interior decoration need to pay attention to what

pet shop is a lot of friends will go to a place, because the pet shop can bring more help, then, open a pet shop, then, in the internal decoration on the need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. internal decoration first to ensure the realization of the function of the various functional areas, beauty areas must have good ventilation, with good drainage, which is in the planning time to pay special attention to.

2. shop facade is very important, the renovation of the facade is the most important. A store must make it easy for customers to access, so as to have a good business. Pet shop decoration should pay attention to what? If the pet shop is not too busy place, at the beginning, the people will not patronize a lot, in this case should not open the door more, you can access inconvenience, while maintaining some customers in the store.

pet shop decoration should pay attention to what? Sometimes it helps to sell, because of the pet store, customers love to many people in the shop, they will have a psychological, the popularity of the store, there must be good or cheap, sometimes also reflects the trend, so the customer is willing to more people and to those who shop. It is empty store more deserted. Also in the promotion, but also to seize the psychological, conscious part of a lion among customers in the store.

3. pet store store to the direction of ventilation, sunshine and other aspects, to pay special attention to. Pet shop decoration should pay attention to what? North and south of the store from the sun, the day will not be too hot. In the summer, there is no sun, it is cooler, customers will prefer to patronize, but also can save air conditioning costs. In the afternoon when the sun shines into the store, not only hot, but also very irritable, very messy feeling, so that customers do not want to go shopping. But if in the winter, then gives the warm feeling, lets the human be willing to patronize.

4. pet store space to make good use of. Space includes area and height. The feeling of space is very important, it is the first feeling of customers into the store, not too crowded, it can not be seen in the space. Pet shop decoration should pay attention to what? The area is of course better, but the size of the area and the rent directly linked, so it is best to do. The height is mainly to the height of the ceiling for reference, one should have a high space, good effect, visual effect is good, not too crowded; the two is to display of goods, when put in the store, and the store must be proportional to the height, otherwise it will not coordinate.

is about the pet shop interior decoration of some of the introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of this. Pet shop interior decoration need to plan, do a good job in the decoration design, and then ask the professional construction team to the construction.

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