Yogurt to lose weight 3 days thin 6 pounds to act quickly

in recent years, weight loss has become a lot of girls slogan, and as long as people mention weight loss, will think of yogurt, then, for us to lose weight is really helpful? Answer and affirmation.

yogurt to lose 3 days lost 6 pounds? This is totally infeasible. From the heat point of view, to drink low-fat yogurt a day, only about 320 cards, and normal people a day about the intake of calories compared to 2000 calories, a lot less, it is possible to slim down. In addition, there is the effect of the whole stomach yogurt, constipation habits, can promote defecation, thereby reducing weight. But this period of weight loss will be very hungry, this rapid weight loss method will not only harm the body, and extremely easy to rebound, in the case of your diet will be more fat.

yogurt to lose 3 days lost 6 pounds feasible?

The characteristics of

last yogurt diet 3 days lost 6 pounds, this is actually a semi fast, the weight loss period will be very hungry, and this way is not short-term risk, but long time down but will cause malnutrition; and if you don’t have to change their eating habits, they did not have dangerous complex fat. Therefore, a few days after the implementation of yogurt diet, to restore the normal nutritional diet, can not be carried out for a long time.

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