Open a snack chain stores to pay attention to what details

details determine success or failure, on the truth that we all know, but how to pay attention to the details of the business? Let’s take a snack bar.

details: food chain stores of different investment is different: minor, not how much money, according to your financial situation, buy a knife, buy a few bottles of canned board two dishes box can also shop, investment should also have thousands of yuan can start. To say that when the business to do business, it is necessary to consider the full range of investment is relatively large (can accommodate thirty people dining at the same time the hotel about the monthly rent of 1 ~ 20 thousand, plus a total investment of staff salaries have also been ~ ~ ~ 100 thousand).

two details: positioning food chain management mode. The positioning of the way business is different, the benefit is also different: make an affordable shop, in the business, do not ask too much, don’t get too formal (the number more, the price is cheaper), can maintain family life can be. As long as you eat cold noodle, and the price is reasonable, absolute money. If you want to have a good cold noodle shop, mode of operation that you benefit, consumer groups, is a very difficult thing.

three details: chained main product planning. Different projects have different considerations: you should also consider this kind of food is a hot day, it will have a lot of people, like the late autumn and early spring and the winter is not too many guests, what do you do at this time? So you can consider, not only only business with something else "cold noodle, Chinese fast food" (do snacks such as mutton, spicy, breakfast, cake, fried chicken, box lunch and other snacks).

and perhaps some other details we don’t notice, I hope you can really understand the meaning of them, can effectively help you realize the dream of wealth.

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