What is the magic weapon to open the curtain shop

we all hope to live in a very comfortable environment, want to create such an environment, the need to proceed from many places, such as on the curtain is very demanding, open a curtain shop, like a grocery store, not what products are in, can not arbitrarily collocation. Before the shop, to do a good job of preparing for the hardship, it is best to look at a number of mature stores reference reference, so as to better understand the product mix, market demand, etc.. It is also important to know the level of consumption in the shop before, do a good job market positioning. Here are some of the successful opening of the curtain shop magic, look at it!

What is the magic weapon for

to open the curtain shop? Site selection

selected you shop address, the preferred downtown decoration company in many places, or places curtain shop more, because of the decoration decoration company basically is to find ah, house decoration company can take a look at your curtains. There are many new developments in the area, the best real estate lots.

What is the magic weapon for

to open the curtain shop? Material channel

material channel. Curtain cloth has three channels, imports, Guangdong curtains and Zhejiang curtains, imported mainly from South Korea and Europe, the price is high, make money, but not easy to sell. Guangdong goods is also good, a lot of imitation of Europe, the price is also high. Zhejiang is basically the imitation of Guangdong, the price, but the quality is definitely worse.

What is the magic weapon for

to open the curtain shop? Good sign

shop, big shop sign is your key to success. Any commodity is a truth: no one I have, I have gifted, gifted people I special. You don’t have to be like anyone else. No matter you are high or low, any grade have consumer groups, do not do high school low-grade, then it is over. Store decoration or find a professional company to help you engage in it, so there is a feeling, of course, is to compare the grade shop.

What is the magic weapon for

to open the curtain shop? Pull business

is mainly rely on good relations and decoration company, installed over the people know that the house decoration company recommends that everyone as a treasure ah, so, good relations with these companies will make a good fortune. Furthermore, your ability comes in handy, if you know a government official, and just government buildings to be renovated, you made the. Quality, which includes not only the quality of the curtains, but also the quality of the installation, the installation of the curtains are not suitable for good results. Therefore, installation and after-sales service is very important. How to improve the installation quality? It is essential to find an experienced installer.

with the improvement of people’s living standards, in the selection of curtains when everyone’s request

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