How to operate a shop

shop for entrepreneurs in China is not a new way of doing business. But there are several stores business is getting better and better? For the first time entrepreneurs are concerned, it is more difficult, then the perfect look at how the foreign people shop.


38 year old Brian · Henry has held senior positions in the Coca Cola Co and Andersen Consulting Company, 4 years before the end of his 12 – year career from the Atlanta office, and his family moved to South Carolina resort island of Indianapolis, operating a decades old sea view hotel. Today, more and more business elites like Henry choose to pursue a slower pace of life different from the city, or to pursue a career of second in exchange for work fun and satisfaction. Although it is not easy to open a small hotel, or even physical activity, but there is a good living environment for compensation.

Trick 1:

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Trick 3:

shoot two hawks with one arrow

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