Roasted seafood barbecue buffet

investment Seafood Buffet barbecue which brand is better? Of course, have to choose seafood buffet Bai Bai burning, burning seafood barbecue buffet to join the fashion style, delicious, delicious and nutritious, the choice of the chowhound in essence, it is realized that: eat also eat.

white seafood seafood buffet barbecue buffet as the industry’s well-known brands, delicious fashion, health and nutrition, is a favorite of consumers, so it has become a popular investment choice. Bai seafood seafood buffet barbecue buffet to burn, awesome support, profit advantage, is easy to get rich is a good project. So how about joining this project?

roast seafood barbecue buffet

join advantage:

advantage one: the core formula derived from South Korea

Bai burning seafood barbecue buffet, all the technology and formula were from South Korea, using the unique material packaging and transportation, to ensure authentic Korean flavor deviation, South Korea in China local copy perfect delicacy.

advantage two: special equipment saves time and effort

all equipment by the company unified development, customization, technical level and complete synchronization with South korea. Equipment using modern science and technology, the basic realization of a high degree of automation, greatly reducing the cost of human resources. This equipment only supply "gold Hanting" franchisee, competitors can get no chance. White seafood barbecue buffet how much money

advantage three: taste for Chinese consumers custom

orange Huainan is orange, was born in Huaibei is the. In order to avoid the above situation, Bai burning seafood barbecue buffet, combined with the actual situation China, South Korea will be the original court formula, after the domestic well-known experts and experts to improve nutrition delicacy, retain the original flavor, nutrition, taste more in line with the needs of Chinese.

advantage four: land, sea and air Trinity service


headquarters for the chain of services to take the land and air three-dimensional service standards:

Lu: the company has a complete staff training program for the white barbecue seafood buffet, all staff training;

sea: before and after the opening of all stores, headquarters will be stationed in the professional staff to help guide the opening of the shop;

join support:


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