Zhou Zhibing couple with 2000 yuan of the cost of a successful opening of a textile store

2000 yuan as the cost of entrepreneurship, which in many people seem to think it is incredible thing, however, the hero of this article but only rely on such a cost to achieve the success of the business. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to know such a business case, to see how they are using 2000 yuan to open their lives to become a miracle.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a Hometextile products shop. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars.

2000 yuan started a small shop

weeks, the couple are both ordinary company staff, his wife in a household goods exports of foreign trade companies to work. She found in the work, the company supplies various characteristics of Home Furnishing rarely seen in the Ningbo market, "like some manual air conditioning quilt, pillowcase, cotton or linen texture are, good workmanship, color is also very unique. At that time, we thought, such a good thing, if sold, certainly some people like."

at that time, Zhou and his wife had just bought a house loan, not much savings in hand, they intend to invest less, a number of advanced goods, the shop opened up to try. Because no money to rent lots of good shops in the neighborhood of Zhou Zhibin Nanyuan community rented a staircase from into the store, the location is not good, the available area less than 10 square meters, is cheap rent, one month as long as 300 yuan, but also due to pay. The spring of 2002, Zhou Zhibin and his wife went into the 2000 yuan of goods, including air conditioning, pillowcase, cup pad and so on, and invited the relatives to help sellers, just opened shop.

at Liantan Street

shop opened after the first week of business is good, the surrounding residents continue to look fresh, by the way to buy one or two kinds of a lot, which makes him feel very happy. A week later, new vigor, shop began to cold up, sometimes one day no one home at this time, Zhou Zhibin in a hurry.

small store, the location is not good, a lot of the surrounding residents do not know this shop, I would like to always wait for customers to come home is not a way." Then, a free week Zhibin moved to the table near the door, the flow of local farms to stall. I did not expect the effect of the stall is good, the flow of people in the store has increased a lot, but people look at the real money to buy something very little.

a few months later, the store has been in a state of loss, then Zhou Zhibin knew that the site in question. Store in an old district, our foreign trade because of good home furnishing materials, rare in the market, the grade is higher than similar products, mainly for the 25-3 recommended

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