Store management should pay attention to customer experience details

is known to all, the operation of any store, the details are very important matters. However, the details of the operation of a store is reflected in all aspects, which will allow operators to have different concerns. Recently, the author and a retail store owner chat, he raised a question: store management "health points" and "dead center", in the end should be settled where?

"point" and "dead center", as its name implies, is the key point to influence and decide the future of the store. Starting from the problem of the retail owner, I think of a word: details determine success or failure." Similarly, the daily operation of the store, the details may also be related to life and death.

details of the complex business, but not everyone decided to store survival. The author believes that, relatively speaking, can run through the details of the overall consumer experience, more important.

highlights the details of the impact of consumer experience, because they will unconsciously about the customer perception of the store services, thereby affecting the customer’s impression of the store. After all, customers on their own consumer experience judgment, will directly determine whether the implementation of the purchase behavior.

in this regard, home retailers IKEA approach worth considering.

shopping in the market, we often encounter a situation: the thought that the goods have been planned to buy, queuing checkout suddenly remembered that there are omissions, and then had to return to the original shopping district, time-consuming. IKEA noted the details of the impact of consumer experience, so in the entrance of the store and the shopping area in a prominent position of the paper, pen and shopping bags and other items, to facilitate customers to remember while walking, do shopping.

to small details to affect the consumer experience, IKEA’s approach is very clever. It gives consumers a positive psychological hint – IKEA’s intimate and thoughtful service, and other businesses exist differences. This will enhance the consumer’s affinity for IKEA in the invisible, set up shop reputation.

should be noted that IKEA in perfecting the details of the experience consumption mode has already become a leader in the power of the retail industry, this gives the operator grasp the impact on customer consumption experience details provided inspiration:

first, to identify and distinguish between the size of their impact on the strength of the business. Although the store decoration and display equipment are reflected in the details of the operation, but the display of the impact of the consumer experience is clearly more important. To store, to seize the core details of customer consumption experience, such as emotional communication, goods security, return service and other health conditions, on this basis, then the other details to improve and complement, the icing on the cake.

secondly, highlight the details of the differences, >

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