What are the four factors that influence the turnover rate

set up shop to do business, naturally hope that the store’s turnover rate is getting higher and higher, so that the store’s business will become more and more popular, the money will earn more and more high. In order to improve the turnover rate of shops, many shops will take the means of promotion. In fact, the fundamental purpose of the promotion is through a variety of promotional tools, and ultimately enable consumers to buy their own products, therefore, for a shop, the turnover rate is king. As for the general promotional activities, the impact of the store turnover rate has four core elements.

elements: promotional staff

promotion is the most important factor in the promotion, because the promotion staff need to carry out the whole process of promotional activities. From the promotion plan to preheat, process, and ultimately to the completion of the promotion and sum up experience, need to have the participation and implementation of sales promotion. Therefore, the promotion of the entire promotion process is the executor, has a pivotal role.

for the promotion, the shop owner must carefully plan and plan, according to the different ability and expertise of each employee, combined with the actual situation, the promoters assigned to the most suitable place for them. This will be able to maximize the promotion of the ability to use. From the perspective of the promotion personnel, but also need to have the very high work enthusiasm and the ability to grasp the customer, to be able to play their own strength in the promotion work, so as to make the ultimate success of promotional activities.

element two: customer

customer is an important participant in the whole process of promotion, no customers, and then there is no good promotional activities. In fact, all promotional activities are carried out around the customer. Therefore, only the customer to participate in the whole process of promotional activities, promotional activities will be meaningful. Therefore, in the promotion process, we must attach importance to the role of customers.

and for the customer, the sales staff should be based on different types of customers with different words to sell it. According to the customer’s desire to purchase the product to determine the order, when some customers desire to buy is very strong, it should be completed as soon as possible the transaction process. For those who are still hesitant customers, it should use some words to persuade customers. Only customers willing to buy their own products, the store turnover will rise.

element three: product

The purpose of the

promotion is to sell the product, which shows the importance of the product. In promotional activities, products often play an important role. For customers, what really attracts them is the product itself. Because customers have the demand for products, will go to buy products.

In addition to this, the

should have one of their products

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