To overcome the three main difficulties of entrepreneurship

every year a lot of active entrepreneurs, and ultimately successful entrepreneurs who are rare, which makes a lot of people shouting entrepreneurial difficult slogan. Indeed, entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, but if it is difficult to blindly take the business to say the wrong thing, the key is to find the right way. Here, to overcome the three main obstacles to entrepreneurship.

– from the status quo of


filed initial reason for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are often the answer is all kinds of. This reporter has visited Tianjin, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces and cities, and interviewed more than the "double star", they found that there is a common point, that is not the status quo.

in the surveyed entrepreneurs, most of the people who have a good salary, benefits, work status after several years are no longer satisfied with the start to resign immutable and frozen. This kind of entrepreneurs in the venture has accumulated a certain amount of work experience and social experience, what the business needs, what will be faced with a certain understanding, is the main force in the entrepreneurial tide.

conversion critical mentality

to work several years later resigned venture entrepreneurs, from "migrant workers" turned to "the boss", whether it is the goal of the work or work, have no small change. From the completion of the role of the role of the task assigned to the task, many of the entrepreneurs interviewed by this reporter who admitted that the change of mind is essential.


"by the technical staff to the boss, I changed the face of the masses, bear a lot of pressure also increases. Work and entrepreneurship is the two concept, to be ready to start a business, learn to adjust the mentality, release pressure." In the country has experienced a period of three months, the foreign teachers’ career after two years of amino acid research and development work, in Anhui last night Horse Park was established in Anhui Hongfeng Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Guo Guangdong says. < >

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