Henan announced 2016 annual list of the franchise model projects in 100

in the process of economic development, can not do without a good planning measures. This time, Henan announced 2016 annual list of the list of the franchise model, for these 100 franchise projects will be given great support to further promote the effective development of the 100.

6 month 6 days, reporters from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the province 2016 annual 100 franchise demonstration project announced, focused on the social capital investment will strong transportation, municipal and public services, a total investment of 143 billion 530 million yuan.

this is the largest amount of investment in our province so far and the largest number of franchise demonstration projects. The announcement of the 100 franchise demonstration projects, with a clear operating mode, a clear return on investment mechanism, the characteristics of strong replication.

the 8 water projects, investment of 7 billion 660 million yuan; transport infrastructure projects 14, investment of 72 billion 560 million yuan; municipal facilities projects 60, 45 billion 160 million yuan of investment; public service projects 14, investment of 7 billion 660 million yuan; the ecological environment of 4 projects, investment of 10 billion 490 million yuan.

reporter found that a lot of franchising project gold content is quite high, especially the railway, rail transportation projects caused a lot of attention to social capital. For example, a total investment of 24 billion yuan to Zhengzhounan Railway Station to Luoyang Intercity Railway (including EMU base) project, a total investment of $20 billion 608 million in the first phase of the Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 project. In addition, the national highway 310 line to Los three Henan and Shaanxi circles (South) investment amount of reconstruction projects, Zhoukou port wharf construction project in central area of 10 billion project has also attracted a lot of social capital investment intention.

is the inhibition of social capital investment continued to fall, the provincial development and Reform Commission will be with the provincial departments, municipal and county governments to accelerate the implementation of this batch of demonstration projects, to meet the requirements of the project, the priority for the central budget investment, special construction funds of the central subsidy funds support.

region’s economic development, can not do without the right decision! I hope that the 2016 Henan franchise demonstration project in, after the input of relevant funds, manpower and effective development, to further promote the economic development of Henan.

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