Pudong district to encourage two entrepreneurial achievements in the future

for the promotion of management activities to encourage construction, two entrepreneurs were included in the promotion of entrepreneurial work in the past. Pudong District, Shanghai, in order to show the form of speech and other games to show the two entrepreneurial style of employees in Pudong, activate more entrepreneurial dreams.

to carry forward the spirit of model workers

last year is five annual selection of model workers in Pudong New Area 667 years, workers and 146 staff collective won the national, municipal and district level model and collective model.

in the selection of model workers after the District Federation of trade unions to model workers and advanced deeds based on the creation of a "51" art show the spirit of the propaganda model workers. On this basis, the District Federation of trade unions also chose the work of 10 model workers, fragments of life, compiled into a story, to further promote the positive energy model workers.

typical moral


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