How to deal with the unexpected guests in the supermarket


said the supermarket naturally want to enter the store will be a transaction customers, however, in the course of the actual operation of the shop, what kind of people are really. In short, when the supermarket business, we all hope that customers can more better, but customers is divided into various grades and ranks, uneven. There’s one kind of people we don’t expect. We might call them "uninvited guests."". The arrival of these "uninvited guest" not only brought us trouble, but also affected other customers, so it really makes me sick. So how to face this kind of special people?

when the supermarket to vexatious people

that day, when I was at the store. Suddenly there is a customer momentum angrily rushed in, she put a generation of soda net on the counter fell, his hands around the waist, a proud look, the bag of baking soda on the counter was the emergence of a wave of smoke. Look at this posture, I know I met an uninvited guest". I did not wait to speak, she opened her mouth, you sell this thing ah, is clearly false, I cook, with a few spoons, but a little can not afford to play! You give me a refund!" Originally, I would like to explain and explain to her, but to see her posture, I think what they do is futile. Instead of arguing with her, rather than by what she said quickly after the refund, rather don’t earn her money, Jiangmen didn’t want her to come again. A size soda I will earn one or two cents, I would like to cheat her ah!

again, I have to give an explanation for the unexpected situation. But she’s not like that. It was five cents, I gave her a dollar, that is, she wanted to leave quickly. Because there are other shoppers in the supermarket. This yuan of money really works for me, she suddenly cool down. Took a dollar to leave, that moment, I breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, for this kind of unreasonable person, should they not of the same level, it would be wise.

when the supermarket came to beg

I don’t know why, these begging people always patronize my supermarket. If you do not give them money, they will not depend on, if you give it, it is not always give. So, I’m really afraid of beggars. But they may be here to eat the sweetness, so there are a lot of people come to me begging. That day, an old man begging to come in, my customers are more, so did not pay attention to him, but he stood at the door do not go. But also step by step to rely on, his clothes are not whole, dirty, and many customers from the side of the time when they are walking around. There is something wrong with such a person in the supermarket.

I let him go, he didn’t go. A scene with him, the customer will certainly think of me. So, I really have no way, finally can only be surrendered by him. I picked up a dollar and gave it to him. With all these

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