Website construction pays attention to search engine marketing reason analysis

is a company without a web site has been rare, more and more customers in the contact of the advertising business, is not the first call to consult, but take a look at the corporate website, and more and more customers will search through the network to their suppliers and potential customers, so that their impression of enterprise. Mainly from what they see as the enterprise website. Although for many enterprises, the establishment of their own website, it is unlikely to immediately bring a lot of new customers to the enterprise, it is unlikely to significantly enhance the performance of enterprises in the short term. Most of the enterprise website more similar to the role of the Internet in a brochure, this brochure attractive place is: anyone, as long as the Internet can browse multimedia information; it can contain text graphics audio video and other traditional media cannot be displayed. This is mainly a lot of business management awareness of the network has not yet kept pace with the times, for their own areas are not familiar with investment, thus limiting the role of enterprise websites.

with the business management personnel qualifications to improve the quality of the further spread of the Internet and the civilian, xieke think website construction and network marketing become more and more twins are inseparable, but most network marketing is an important part of search engine marketing. Especially for some content of science and technology, especially high quality customers generally have Internet habits, such as notebook, microscope and other precision instruments, remote control equipment, network brings customers accounted for an increasingly large proportion, and the evaluation on the network’s reputation will concern the brand and enterprise survival and development, which is part of customers will have more than half are from search engines, so search engine marketing strategy will become more and more important, in particular, at least can be divided into the following five aspects:

1, let customers take the initiative to come home, in fact, for enterprises, the biggest difficulty is how to find customers. Used by newspaper ads, direct mail, telephone marketing way to look for business opportunities, but the effect is not very ideal, in the marketing process for is not very strong, often resulting in increased marketing costs and waste. The search engine marketing (SEM) is a kind of a targeted way, rather than looking for customers in a look for a needle in the ocean, let potential customers of the practical needs of search keywords to find us, the target is more accurate, more efficient natural.

2, SEM most recognized, in the survey found that enterprises most recognized network promotion means search engine marketing (SEM), the ratio of up to 75.3%, far more than other means of network marketing.

3, according to statistics, the largest number of potential users from the network, and users know a new site, 80% of the search engine.

4, from the foreign development of search engine marketing (SEM) industry in the 2000 rise in foreign countries, but in China is only in 2005 gradually some, engage in IT network to make money is not the most technical personnel in foreign countries, but the search engine marketing (SEM), IT in foreign technical personnel than the search engine marketing (>

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