White and black of Taobao’s third party service provider

third party services, software services, but also artificial services, service quality of "white" and "black", the heart of the service provider "white" and "black", there are many opinions. Taobao held in Hangzhou, entitled "open, connected, contending" 2015 Ali service providers annual meeting, happy son said, to join hands third parties to promote internationalization, recycling a Taobao, Tmall.


As a member of the third party service provider,

has been thinking about the third party service. Although the influence of technological innovation in Internet era have very far-reaching, the third party service market software service mostly, the manual operation of the proportion is not much, but the effect of software services, I do not agree with very much. Many third party service providers are doing Taobao store operators on behalf of, through the car, driving or drilling, exhibition, hosting and other services, and this kind of software service effect is not ideal.


in the electricity business, a store to the form of third parties, many sellers actually do not like, just suffer from traditional enterprises can not find the right talent, can only find third party management. Some people Tucao third party service, no effect, poor quality, blind toss, in addition to waste of money, nothing get. Debt disputes concerning third party services often occur, sellers refuse to pay service fees, or have all kinds of reasons to shirk payment. Taobao official public support for the third party service market, to a certain extent, to enhance the confidence of service providers, but it can not eliminate the majority of businesses prejudice service providers.

objectively speaking, the vast number of service providers do not have the money to do things, but there is no lack of excellent service providers. Blindly discredit the form of service providers, is not conducive to the development of the industry, the service needs of the third businesses, it is not necessarily a good thing. Especially about the shop operation, train services such as hosting, many sellers are related to software operation order, but the effect is not as expected, after all, the software can only provide some data information support, help sellers to make some adjustments, but does not really help sellers, learning to understand and master these aspects operation skills, and to be able to learn these skills, but also enterprises need, so that I prefer manual operation.


third party service market, manual operation part, personally feel that service providers should improve their own quality, so that people who discredit the field to re understand the industry. From the store, businesses not only want to see you tell his goals very gratifying, is in fact more want to see cooperation in the specific operation, you can only give you a digital source target, but did not say you this goal, how to form the target, and then how to decomposition, where implementation and so on.

many service providers and businesses lack communication directly, and the electricity supplier has always advocated the importance of communication and communication, quality services >

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