Talk about how the electronic components manual written text

now the Internet site can be said to be multifarious, according to your webmaster different hobbies, all kinds of websites have. The flow of the website is also the problem that everybody stationmaster racking one’s brains in consideration. BBS, links, and so on, suitable for different Adsense promotion method, has many articles. I won’t be in this mess. Only from their own promotion of electronic components industry station point of view, this soft Wen how to write?.

write soft text, there are several big benefits. Attract spiders, expand the influence, increase the chain. In Webmaster online hair soft is not leave hyperlinks. You can only write your own address on the signature. However, the weight of the chain is still not high. But there are better than none. Many a little make a mickle.. Expand the impact, for example, I’m here to send a soft text, introduced beauty station, entertainment station, may bring some traffic. But I am an industry station, it is estimated that the webmaster is not interested. Therefore, traffic can not be discussed. So I in the webmaster online soft Wen can play what role?. Web spider himself every day to climb, then it seems that can only play an increase of the role of the chain. Or from the angle of love, I can use my failure experience for you novice webmaster play a little role. Said so much nonsense, then the industry stand in the end how to write?. Where did it go,


in fact, this problem is not complicated, since it is the electronic industry’s Web site, then I sent to the big electronic industry portal station on the line. After this time of exploration and thinking, I found that this effect is much better. First of all, I’m in Central China power grid. In twenty-first Century, the engineer registered an account. Browse through all the columns of these big websites. Know fairly well. Which places can I use?. Then look at what kind of article in the forum, relatively high degree of attention. Of course, too strong technical articles I can not write, but also with their own web site has a certain relevance. Soft text can not be too soft. Let me see. Maybe the users here are engineers, and they usually design to buy electronic components and use electronic components. Then I respectively wrote two articles, one is how to buy domestic electronic components, the purchase of Shenzhen Huaqiang North electronic components ( method. Add keywords to your sales site hyperlink. An introduction to the electronic component manual ( Introduce yourself about component data download site.

take a look at the website traffic sources over the past few days. Hey, it worked really well.

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