Small secured loans to save college students crisis

is now the main force in the market is the 80 generation, they have entrepreneurial dreams and practical experience. The small loans and other favorable policies to support entrepreneurship and help them to make the road more smoothly.

Town to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "the work of

Yong built a 80 young man, 09 years in Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province, the southeast School of electronic and information technology science and technology graduate he is now under the town of a large car one-stop service agency boss. After graduation, he worked in a handsome shy Shenzhen electronic factory, due to more introverted personality, has been working in the production line, hard work, high pressure, the appearance of silent heart surging, he resolutely chose to resign, once in the students to work in automotive beauty shop to play, had the preliminary contact and understanding of the beauty of this car industry.

2012 years, he raised more than 20 yuan, rented down the street along the street five stores, with a total area of up to 400 square meters, the founder of the car stop a car service center". After the opening, due to just graduated soon, the network is not enough, business light, to raise money to spend less than a year, operating into a predicament.

the town labor that built Yong, actively recommend him to apply for small loans, to ease liquidity difficulties, at the same time, through to his entrepreneurial guidance, to provide free entrepreneurship training for him, he used the marketing management, knowledge management, learning, increase the propaganda, enhance the quality of service finally, persevering, profitability. In his words: young people should dare to think, insist on victory in front of.

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