Talking about the network marketing skills of bread crumbs navigation

crumb navigation is an Internet marketing skill that can’t be ignored. Why do you say that? Please listen carefully. Breadcrumbs are commonly referred to as secondary navigation, i.e., the directory hierarchy of the web site. For example, a user enters a home page, enters a category, and then clicks on an article under this category. Such a path is shown as breadcrumbs navigation.

The role of

bread navigation is obvious. Effect: to improve the user experience, users can define their place in the position of a number of Web sites, easily remember reading position and return mode; two: provide a convenient path for the search engine crawler, greatly improve the frequency capture program access, effectively enhance the "exposure" and show the number.

shrinks, and the effective use of breadcrumbs for navigation is an online marketing technique. Well, how do you realize the role of marketing techniques for bread crumbs? Below, I combine my own experience in optimizing the Shanxi website to sum up as follows:

will target keywords and a large number of long tail keywords according to the conversion level, the degree of competition is difficult to queue column; combined with the ZhengZhan keywords layout strategy, the queue selected keywords breadcrumb targeted delivery.

The advantage of

is to improve the display rate of key keywords, increase the density and attract spiders to grab, and achieve the purpose of effective publicity and promotion.

it is worth noting that the use of breadcrumbs for navigation should be noted in the following aspects:

1, breadcrumb navigation content should have a certain significance, also is a natural combination, not to place keywords and mechanically to the combination, far fetched;

2, breadcrumb navigation should conform to the requirements of the ZhengZhan strategy, namely every operation breadcrumb navigation will be targeted, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness;

3, from the same type of website breadcrumb navigation strategy, but not all use "doctrine", because each station style and in the face of the customer base will be different, and others "things are not right.

mentioned above are all my experience in the process of practicing SEO in Shanxi. I hope I can communicate with my colleagues and get valuable opinions.

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