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network economy explosion, so that more people have a dream. 04 years of college, in high and vigorous spirits like many people, always want to see about the beauty of the world. Some people say that the ideal and the reality is two parallel lines, there is no intersection point. I go farther and farther, in the sharpening and hardships, have tasted, helpless, lost, and eventually get the joy of harvest. My joy came from the Internet, because I succeeded. My network career began in early 2005.

at the beginning of 05, I began to plan a Tutoring Network (, the idea is to use the advantages of network information, integration of Hebei family education market. A simple idea made me give up the previous

‘s career, began a new starting point, began the pursuit of dreams. My partner is a college student, a smart, humorous and talented person who is responsible for website construction and maintenance. After the observation and summary of the national tutor website, we started our website. After two months of trial and error, our website began trial operation in March.

‘s initial defeat has given us a new understanding of the web, and summarizes the following:

1., a new website, the first task is publicity. (specifically speaking, our propaganda strategy)

2., our website belongs to the industry website, and its function module is very important, should not affect the appearance of the premise, further optimize the website function.

3. should not be a single pursuit of beauty and the website is too cumbersome, should be on keeping the main functions of the website, try to simplify, make landing at a glance, for anyone to go to the website after a very time-consuming and can quickly locate their information. (log on our sub page to see:

4. increases the opening speed of web pages, further optimizes code, and reduces large images. The necessary large pictures should be cut and used together. Do not let snail speed affect the mood of the lander.

5. according to the visitor demand on the main page on the main function modules, and clear distribution (see page; page increased access to the customer may demand information; at the same time according to the humanistic ideas to enhance the search function (see /search_0311.htm).

6. module settings, in order to meet the industry site function at the same time, identify the customer’s interest points, we added a "education trends", "star wishing", "BBS" module. In the educational dynamic module, there are also information modules, such as middle school entrance examination information, college entrance examination information, social adult examination and postgraduate entrance examination. The function of the website has been improved. After six months of operation, the effect is good, when a fellow villager joined our team, he belongs to that kind of humor

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