Talking about the future of junior webmaster

, I added a lot of webmaster groups. How much I don’t remember, I wrote a lot of blog, wrote a number of specific I do not remember, go to a lot of stationmaster station, went several times I lost count, I went through many communities and forums, how many times have forgotten, but I still remember what, because that is the most precious faith in my heart. Where is the future of junior webmaster?

along the way I met many webmaster friends are very concerned about me, I am willing to help the rookie webmaster, here I thank brother Wang (a 80 4ads station for this is just a project site) fireworks in March (Hunan internet stars is also 80 http://s. they know their way very hard. Know the primary webmaster bitterness, they can help me help you help, the force will help, is very low hanging, is very own steps. I see, I am also a 80 of the last bus, I also love the construction site, I love to do webmaster this is not just a hobby, and I let them down, but I won’t give up, try to quietly do their own station, although the results are not satisfactory, they teach me constantly, support the original recognition General at the same starting point of friends, learn more about SEO, a lot of promotion, these I do every day, they are good to do future garbage station one day will be harvested, I believe you, I believe in myself, but now I walk every step less easy, every day from time to time to see my traffic statistics, every day there will be a new starting point, but our primary webmaster future really so beautiful? Who can grasp their own destiny, only.

saw an article today at Admin5, he is a young cynic, very fierce words strong, he said the current China Internet together to lack and primary rookie, when it comes to our primary webmaster pain, as our primary station station is what they say, is pure and back again a waste of time, a king said that if can’t quickly figure make it profitable just quit, will do a good job to reality too, past the road is difficult, but the space is enough, now you will say that I understand, but I want to say is, a person’s ideal is this, a person always adhere to not give up, no matter how hot He Zhong, his hobbies, these are wrong, there is of course to those customers lined up, can have a lot of bad and good social reality People, who can change all this? This is the real situation, this is a chain effect due to fierce competition, all this makes the China rapid development of the Internet, with a very vulgar but very classic words to express it, life is like rape, if not resist will learn slowly enjoy it, here I want to all primary webmaster friends say, our Internet journey is absolutely the future, we must unremittingly efforts to encourage yourself, no one in this world is the absolute leader, each dimension.

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