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dictated: "Wang Zhiquan,


founder Wang Zhiquan want to copy millet model to the home textile industry, he made a burst of goods, is the 240 bed products. Double eleven on the day of single product SPU sold 4200 sets, in 2015, 240 bed products program sales in 8 to 100 thousand sets.

recently, Wang Zhiquan in explosive products will do an internal share: do explosive products 3 big reflection.

below is Wang Zhiquan, founder of Grand Park network, sharing in the explosion press (Lite Edition):

1: product focus on

as a warning for the future

Grand Park was founded at the beginning of the product sales encountered a lot of problems. After some thinking, we found that two reasons, the biggest reason is that our prices are still expensive, high, this is mainly because we can not reduce costs. And the reason why the cost can not be reduced is because we have made a new standard: we have to customize our own fabrics, integrate cotton dealers ourselves, and integrate the supply chain, so it must be very high cost. Second reasons, first is our grasp of consumers have a lot of problems, we widely try, do 300, 400, 600, the product is very scattered, resulting in cost integration has been down.

then, in early 2014, we decided to try new products as a warning for the future. How do we focus? We have a big analysis of the market, the market is the most mainstream products, first of all, prices must comply with the mainstream price segment, and our standards can be combined to see. We took Tmall products for a thorough analysis of the bed products, we found that the first major segment of this is from 150 to 200 this price segment. But the price we actually do, the price of the product really are the items, or false propaganda, the bed is probably not cotton. The second price range is between 250 and 350. We say that we need to make some demands on this price range. In the beginning, we have three kinds of goods: 300, 400 and 600. (this root is the sum of the warp and weft inside a square inch. The number of roots determines the delicate feel of the bed and its quality. ) while in the same period, the majority of the market, such as the Carolina fuanna brand basically is 200 or so.

later, we found that consumers do not feel so strong about our 300, so this innovation is a bit excessive. So, we finally decided to make 240 products. In this way, both in quality than ordinary good, consumers can intuitively feel, and, but also in the cost of doing a big drop. The results show that this decision has been effective, when last year’s double eleven, only one day, this single product sold more than 5000 sets, this achievement is still very scary. Because in China’s home textile industry inside, a year of a single product can sell tens of thousands of sets of very little. If a single item sells 30 thousand units a year, I guess the whole industry will be twenty or thirty, too

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