Talk about those experiences and hardships of the road of stationmaster

in the twinkling of an eye, the site has 3 years of time, in adhering to their dreams, and adhere to their goals in the year, I found that as a webmaster, you have too much to experience and learn. Take this article, write some of my site experience, I hope the new webmaster’s growth, will help.

first talk to the station so long as station program on the selection of the discuz forum, is to experience it, I believe the program, but a year’s time, let me find that if you want to play a forum of traffic, too hard, too tired. When there is no traffic, it is difficult to do SEO; with traffic, maintenance is difficult. After that, I came into contact with some CMS systems, and the system traffic of CMS was much easier to obtain than the forum, and it was also convenient to manage. The lack of interactivity was much worse than the forum. Later, after studying SEO, he began to study WordPress, began to study the program, began to understand, you can through the program, so that we pay the minimum to get the maximum return. So, according to the program, I want to say is the new owners, the new owners, not rushing to make a big website, may wish to start small and do a test phase, the functions and advantages of each program are understood, according to the characteristics of their own site, choose the most appropriate program.

The promotion of

website, when the site scale, most of the webmaster will relate to the promotion of this aspect of the problem, and the most effective method of promotion is actually SEO, many owners anxious to find a SEO method to do the results due to repeated changes, the site weight did not change, tragedy. For SEO this advice is, if you learn SEO, from the basics, look at some of the free online SEO books and videos, and then to look at the technology optimization and optimization experience difference, from the analysis of reason of experience optimization technology angle optimization, such method is the fastest progress. A mature SEO need to continue to accumulate experience, the new Adsense, you must keep calm.

Wangzhuan, new Adsense will be eager to own the first Wangzhuan, I had too, the first is a Wangzhuan PW advertising to others, 30 yuan a month, the domain name is K, The loss outweighs the gain. That is to say, for the webmaster, as long as you operate their own website, money is only a matter of time, therefore, Wangzhuan is built on the site quality above, a year if you did not make any money, then you have to consider "quality is not too bad.

the above three steps, three processes is the webmaster want to experience, with three years summed up the reason is "do it, steady income, hope novice webmaster can calm after the three take your site wise remark of an experienced person, road, build your own sky network E.

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