Online shop impatient to eat hot tofu


write a book about you being "hidden rules" by Taobao? Many sellers in Taobao should know it well. Vicious competition has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of Taobao.

maybe you’ll say that online stores aren’t just about making money. When there’s a quicker way to open up your market, you’re waiting for it. It’s only a Taobao.

people who have this idea can only think that their eyes are full of short-term profits. Let’s take a look at the development of Taobao.

Taobao from 03 years to now, after 6 years of development, as the country’s largest online shop and trading platform, its success thanks to it has a complete store management, payment platform and reputation management system. In the words of buyers, they can buy satisfactory and safe goods at home.

6 years ago, when we stepped into Taobao, we were wondering what it was and what it would be like. When there were businesses and buyers moving out of each other’s first steps, I thought that was the beginning of Taobao’s success.

4 years ago, when I stepped into the Taobao online store, I was also in the mood for doubt and waiting. When my shop made the first business, I knew that Taobao was so trustworthy.

now, when we open the world of want, no more than 10 brushes every day, advertising, bringing more people is not hope, but destruction. A businessman who did not experience the survival of the fittest, if he began to survive by means of luck and means, then what his future development is, not everyone can from "0" to "10000"". Darwin’s survival also applies to online shop. The consistent rule of setting up shop on Taobao is that when sales reach a certain amount, they will skip the agent, and the seller will become a real merchant. So when we used to fraudulently obtain temporary sales when we will be blinded by the immediate interests, the temporary sales as a long-term development, will be a lot of money into the supply into the. And when you really begin to "baptism" from the "drill", you will find that everything is not so simple, then you will lose more. If the expansion of this data, the harm will be the entire Taobao, because the Internet era, no one will not be unique and irreplaceable. When one day, when aroused public indignation, even the strong walls are likely to be destroyed.

the growth of a brand is not a day, two days, Taobao used 6 years to build its online shop hall, why can’t we use such a time to hone the growth of online shop


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