What are the standards for a good web operation manager

now, the rapid development of Internet, more and more people want to take a meal in the network, a lot of website platform from the ground, there is a saying: site easy, operation is very difficult. Many websites are not quite over 2 years ago and died, let a person feel sorry. The post operation manager gets more and more sure, a lot of the recruitment site also played the position, but no one had to specialize in the website operation manager system is introduced, the position of website operation manager is exactly what kind of? What should know? What is the choice of a good website operation manager the standard


, a netizen named "continue to develop", thinks:

deep IT development strategy base, deep IT career background,

can grasp and describe the development trend and development track of IT prospect

what about network technology, what can not be achieved, a good idea

understands the market, the sales principle,

good planning, good management, good ideas. Always find market entry points and opportunities,

has long term thinking and forward-looking foresight for international finance and IT development,

has an understanding and analysis of people’s propensity to consume

strong analytical skills, careful and bold; with CEO capital strategy operation.

good training technical engineer

difficult, it’s difficult, it’s really hard, and there are other requirements,

e-commerce operations require the integration of various skills

I think he said very well, I personally think that the website operation manager is a "seven division" condensation

1, website design and production. To the website structure and the website manufacture must have the certain understanding,

2, network security engineer. Understanding the database, the network security must be a bit of foundation,

3, IT engineer. Know the current network development. Have some insight into the development of the website

4, e-commerce division. Know how to use the Internet for marketing,

5, planner. Must be a master of planning, to the overall development of the site to do a good planning program,

6, analyst. Be able to comment on each stage of the website. Such as: website traffic, keywords, fees, feasibility of the project, etc..

7, leader. Ability to lead a team to run websites and generate profits. A leader who does not make a profit for the company is not a good leader.

above is only my personal understanding, and I hope you will have a good discussion about the website operation manager,


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