New station how to do links

We all know that

, a link to new sites like an island, no one knows, the search engine is not found, how we can be better and faster to let Baidu big brother found it and included it? Below I introduce me some practice.

Forum: registered members in some forums, attention must take on character signature, then in reply, if you have time can also post, pay attention to some weight high BBS, Admin5 is a good place! Every ten minutes then replies almost, tried the effect is good.

blog: if you have time you can register some blog, if Sina type blog, remember to add some circles, that is equal to your blog, and those circles on the link, you in your blog posts, inside the circle can be seen, of course you the article is going to take your links! Although the trouble spots, but it is also a good method to increase the external links.

soft: soft effect is the best, because I had written a little soft, Baidu included the second day on my new course had previously included experience, write text, if well written words will have a lot of websites that you turn the external links number, the it is very impressive! So if you’re not lazy, is OK, your experience, soft out! Of course, don’t forget to take the link! Otherwise busy


exchange links: This is the most primitive, most tiring, your new look for the link, as he is, so I suggest you if you don’t find what station just got the best link, that is a waste of time, might as well finish the above things, the effect is faster, collect and find! Of course, if you have your own station with the better, so the old owners generally will not take the new station to find links, pay attention to one-way links is enough! You know, your station is best not to link to each other or die together, but sometimes in order to have what new station way! I just got a new brother if you and I are willing to engage in or exchange links, then add my QQ 543468473 a little insight, hope everyone don’t laugh at

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