The way out for SEO practitioners

with the rapid development of social economy, e-commerce in China has been in full swing, and the introduction of new industries emerge in an endless stream, of which SEO practitioners are most concerned about. Now the SEO practitioner has been paid attention by many sales oriented enterprises, the urgent need to know this type of network marketing talents, so that beginners to enter the SEO industry or are preparing to enter the industry what ways of employment or entrepreneurial ways? Today is combined with some experience about the future and the way out of my own SEO practitioners.

1. runs its own e-commerce site,

Google has withdrawn from the Chinese market, and Baidu is a big one in china. Any keyword with a Baidu index of more than 8000 can support the day-to-day operations of a small company. You can rely on one of these keywords, combine your own sales products, build an e-commerce website and make a profit. For example, the words "mobile phone", the Baidu index reached more than 60000, if the words do Baidu top three, so you can sell mobile phone batteries, mobile phone film, mobile phone ringtones, mobile phone games and so on, absolute money.

2. engaged in the SEO profession in the Internet company

in foreign countries, the main search engine is Google, engaged in SEO very many people, any product related long tail keywords have a lot of people doing, so want to do SEO abroad, quite difficult. However, in China, it is different, China is now SEO talent is not much, and really do fine SEO people are very few. However, many companies are now aware of the importance of network marketing and SEO talent, SEO’s position is very hot, a bit SEO experience, even some beginners are able to ease the job for the enterprise, but the treatment will not be less than 4000 a month, one or two years after the salary of over a million is not the problem.

3. uses SEO to do CPS


is now the major e-commerce site has its own CPS alliance, products with relevant keywords ranking, the use of SEO technology once the transaction, we can get the corresponding Commission, do a good month can reach 2~3 million, or even more. For example, the current fire Taobao customers, Dangdang alliance, Jingdong mall Union, and so on. I am also in doing this thing, I take the GPS navigation network (, this year I do a navigator related Taobao off site, mainly to do some related to the automotive navigation keyword ranking (for example, "what a good brand navigator", "navigation" and so on). Only a month has been profitable, in fact, every day only need 1-2 hours to maintain it, very suitable for part-time.

4. doing SEO training,

this is more suitable for a certain SEO>

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