Webmaster views big PK Adsense how to look at community profit


editor’s note: the community how to profit is the hottest topic in the industry, and this topic compared to most of the webmaster, there should be more ideas and specific practices, because the site is the most direct purpose of income can make money, the profit big family will encounter this or that problem, will have this or that idea. In view of the topic "community profit", how do the webmaster look at it? The webmaster magazine invites the webmaster and the personage in the trade to discuss this topic.

1, is your community profitable? What kind of model do you adopt? What do you think is the real obstacle to community profitability?

Zhongyuan community webmaster thousand dream: my community is not profitable, but not to say that can not be profitable, more is the other reason, the server is not fixed, resulting in site access problems, eventually leading to discrete people. Once advertised by GOOGLE received $200 in fees, but after paying another space cost of the general community is still trying to There is not much left., making money through advertising, I personally think that the advertising alliance to the limited role in the community which can only play, to give full play to the advantages of advertising community, must give up advertising, the use of the community’s influence to pull advertising. The prominent paradox is that there is not enough traffic to prove that the community has enough influence. Why there is not enough traffic? Because of serious homogenization, the same site, the same theme, or fight at outrance or all two dead. Why homogenization serious, because no brains, no creativity, there is not enough core competitiveness. What really blocks community profits is the lack of better ideas. Each site has the opportunity, but the opportunity is different, the same theme of the webmaster community, an emphasis on code sharing, an emphasis on host domain name transactions, a more profitable discussion, so that everyone can live well.

Chinese thought forum station grew up: not profitable, dumplings I stand is an academic site, due to the nature of public welfare, cannot get profit through advertising in the form of traditional (no doubt, because users of the minority, even running, but also is posturing. I stand by) a professional with the University (University website is to date, it is difficult to refine the professional cooperation in the community) opened to the professional publicity column, such as the school teachers, introduction section research, provide a postgraduate exchange, this form of " profit; ", not only can get financial support, but also to attract the students and teachers to participate in the forum, I brought a lot of loyal members.

As for the reasons hindering

referred to in the title, it is the traditional form of Internet advertising, the pertinence is not strong, and there are a lot of junk software, edge advertising advertising, so the enthusiasm of my station will hurt the adverse membership in a certain extent, but also for advertising companies.

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