We need to use the brains of businessmen to do web work

an interview department head, the boss asked me: what is the purpose of doing web site? From the international to domestic, from policy to trends, I answered a lot. Before I left, the boss said: "the purpose of making a website is to make money.".

once again asked me when I was chatting with the company leader: "what would you do except to do the website?" I suddenly looked blankly. I thought: in addition to the site, I don’t have any work experience, I will in the end what? In the eyes of my colleagues and friends is a first-class technology, because they do not understand the website, so I first-class technology, but it is just this.

today talk about technology, not to talk about the design, my friends around me except my own website, other people do almost are the traditional industries, there are real estate, aircraft repair, repair the railway, the individual shop, selling power equipment, engage in IPC, make water conservancy etc.. Therefore, more or less, I will learn from their mouth the hardships and beauty of the traditional industry.

below is my summary of their understanding of Entrepreneurship:

1: we should pay more attention to the customer, the customer value, this is the only reason you venture there, but also the core profit where you currently only know back things, must be clear who your customers are? What they will buy your product.

2, the status quo: analysis of the status quo, why? What is the status of the entire market industry? Need to list out 1, 2, 3, and so on and your countermeasures, so that you can avoid the same mistakes;

3, competition: who are your competitors? What are their channels? What are their price systems? What’s your SWOT?

4, product: what is your product’s creativity? You need to do market analysis and see what your uniqueness is. You can look at $appeals analysis and probably get a pretty good idea.

5 goal: what are your goals? Need to clear, now I think of all the things you want to do is to target the goal of course this is your vision, is the needs of the IT industry in engineering vision, the truth is the same.


plan: Sun Tzu says: the victory before battle, the loser war first and then win. You must all do? Only the possibility of winning.

7, the risk of project management about risk management, all the same, to do analysis evaluating measures and countermeasures, this will be less wrong.

, is it deja vu to see the above?. Yes, I think the Internet, like other industries, does not need first-class technology, but customers and products, to squeeze into this business. The Internet has boundless opportunities. It’s for people who are courageous and capable. Instead of spending all your time writing code for those 100 dollars.

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