SMS marketing industry analysis health examination industry

As a means of communication

SMS application has become increasingly widespread. From between relatives, classmates, friends and colleagues exchanges, gradually to the development of government public information dissemination, enterprise notice, business promotion and so on mass commercial applications. In the health examination industry, the application has also been concerned by the majority of medical institutions, we see that many large medical institutions have begun to use SMS marketing. Recently, such as the adjacent network has done two customers SMS marketing planning project, and share with you:

1, a multinational medical device company, held a theme of mother’s Day activities through public examination of the marketing messages a good way to achieve the desired effect, the company’s brand image and social reputation has improved, while allowing more women to participate in this activity and experience. First of all, through the screening of female data in Beijing area, 200 thousand of target data is sorted out, and then sent through the normal gateway channel to support the return of scheduled medical places. In just two or three days, hundreds of scheduled subscribers have been completed. Through SMS marketing, under the premise of ensuring marketing effectiveness, it greatly saves the cost of advertising. If you use newspapers and television media, in such a short period of time, the cost must be several times of SMS marketing.

2, a large medical institutions, SMS marketing as a long-term use of marketing methods.

member SMS application:

send SMS messages to members, members birthday, festival greetings SMS, warm messages for the activities of members, promotion SMS, seasonal health knowledge.

ad SMS applications:

to potential target customers to send invitation messages, text messages to potential target customers to send theme promotions to potential target customers to participate in the activities of sending text messages, send to potential target customers free sms.

through a series of SMS marketing, physical examination institutions have been improved in all aspects:

through SMS marketing, open up a larger potential customer market, improve customer volume.

through SMS marketing, establish interaction channels between the physical examination institution and the old customers.

through SMS marketing to enhance the social awareness of medical institutions.

greatly improves the communication efficiency between the medical institution and the customer.

through the introduction above, we can see that SMS marketing in the health examination industry has a broad range of applications. Of course, in the spread of spam messages, personal privacy leak of a large amount of malpractice, devastated SMS marketing contaminated, but we still have to go to its dregs, leaving its essence, by subscription, membership notification, SMS usefulness analysis and other means to allow mobile phone users to receive, and let it get real help and benefits so, SMS marketing strengths and maximum value could be reflected.

author, Beijing, such as neighboring network technology Co., Ltd. senior marketing consultant MSN ywxchi>

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