The survival of local tourism websites in the crowded environment

no matter from the global point of view, or only in our domestic point of view, the Internet has reached a very high level after twenty years of development, and many industries are already close to saturation. We humans have the same sex, and if we say "no good" is called "greed", if we say "elegant", we can say "self-improvement". People are always digging a new growth point, of course, it is also because it makes the Internet both in the technology and mode has made great progress in the development of the Internet, it can be said that we also cannot do without the spirit of exploration.

in the development of the Internet, the domestic economy has undergone unprecedented changes, of course, we can think of the party and the government’s policy is good, but I think the more important is the results of the efforts of all citizens. Because of the development of the economy, people’s pursuit of life is no longer the pursuit of food and clothing, food and clothing for the times for the majority of people Chinese have gone, the more is the pursuit of quality of life, the birth of the service market.

We pay attention to

in the Internet is a down to earth, so when do Internet products and services are from the real life needs to tap the demand, this is the Internet people often say that the user needs. Therefore, with the increase of people’s demand for various services, the corresponding Internet products and services have also been adapted. It is precisely because of this, in the Internet of life, service, more and more websites.

and I’m talking to you today about travel related websites. Why do I say "tycoon forest" in the title? In fact, this is also the biggest fact of tourism websites, and this fact will continue for a long time, and even this state will be strengthened.

slightly familiar with internet friends should know that in the Internet China in Ctrip, where to go, the city, the donkey mother and a few well-known tourist sites occupy the industry most traffic share, this is certainly less than two layers of the site occupied more than 28 of the share of the eight law. From Baidu to where revenue can be seen under the command, the Internet’s real big Mac companies such as BAT, when the advent of the mobile Internet, also began to layout their own travel market. Therefore, I say here that the giants are not too much.

I have with you in the above simple analysis of a trend we this kind of website, and now I combined with some practical experience of my own to talk about our place on some of the grassroots travel websites is how to survive, perhaps through which can be seen in some way.

I was born in the northwest, where I is the one that seems to be forgotten place, maybe we are not here in the northwest of the city is known for this because our economy is relatively backward, I believe many people have heard of the deep North of Guangzhou. It is precisely because the economy is not developing, so the Internet will not have much development, many Internet Co even have no time to layout our region, although >

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