Watercress now in the end Let’s use data to talk

[core tip] watercress has maintained a relatively smooth development in the past ten years. One of the success of watercress is not that it runs faster than its peers, but that it is "slow to die".

editor’s note: This article is reproduced in the watercress diary, the author authorized the boat park geek Park, the original title for "from the data to see the rise and fall of watercress.".

from March 6, 2005 formally launched, watercress has been born for ten years, at this time a little review may be appropriate. Over the past ten years, there has been a lot of criticism and doubt about watercress (most of which are probably from its users), but it is undeniable that it has created history. The pattern of watercress has so far not been replicated in China (in this sense that it has no competitors). It belongs to the "only once" historical event. Whether good or bad, it appears, for the majority of young artists, ordinary youth and some moronic young man offers a share of reading, movies and music experience of the public platform, is not an exaggeration to say that if there is no such a huge virtual cafe, the spirit of the times of life may be many poor — at least I am so.

in the watercress before there has been Chinese natural network media, but early site interaction is not strong, was the representative of the portals and vertical sites, and they released the information in the traditional media is the same, namely from the information source to the user is "one to many", a single source of information release information to millions of potential audience. Then, the first generation web 2 model was launched around 2003, and the model was "many to many", that is, the website is just a platform, and UGC generate content (user) is produced by the user. Blogging was a bit hot at the time, but in the end, it was discovered that the media was going to be more social in order to accomplish it. In this sense, QQ, micro-blog, Taobao and WeChat are similar: the media are "many to many" platform; but compared with these sites, significantly more long tail bean in content, because it involves a large number of books, movies, music content is quite small and in this business, it means that the highly differentiated potential of the target population (fragmenting), realized more difficult advertising etc..


often quarrel with each other, watercress audience pull the black, the rage of a cancellation of persons, the ones who are also, but from the data, the overall Douban user stickiness (weekly number of login, every time the length of stay and browse the page number, etc.) are not low in the same site. Not only that, it in the past nearly ten years, to maintain a relatively stable development – note the "relative" the modifier, because the Internet is a particularly easy flash and the sudden decline of industry, it is sometimes change a roller coaster. In that sense, one of the success of watercress is not that it runs faster than its peers, but that it is "dying slowly.".

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