5 scenarios that the web site should avoid when making user experience

our website to do SEO, the purpose is to do by keywords ranking optimization, from the search engine to introduce traffic, through flow transformation make money profit. To make money flow is not a single site, there is an important determinant that is "user experience"! A high traffic website, if not on the user experience hard good user experience, even if profits are limited. So when we do website optimization, don’t ignore the user experience this piece. Perhaps many webmaster know the importance of user experience, but did not know how the user experience is good, the good second-hand car network Xiaobian from the user experience to do 5 big taboo to tell us about how well the user experience.

No.1, to avoid the site space is not stable: website space is an important pillar of the business website, if the space is not stable, every two or three days problems, unable to access, it will definitely affect the user mood in a large extent, the number of users will be denied access. I think we should be almost the same mentality. Therefore, a good experience website must have a stable space support, whether for the user access experience, or from the search engine access experience, are very important.

No.2, avoid website page is not neat: a lot of websites although what content is done very substantial, but ignore a bit however — the page is typeset. Perhaps some people will think, as long as the content of the web site useful to users, ranking disorder and what is the relationship, but otherwise, the web page to the user’s first impression is very important. Just like a blind date. If you have a bad impression of the first meeting, you can never see it again second times. Our website if the font, size, color of what it is too messy, will largely affect the user’s PV page, so it should also pay attention to clean, it is best to add a automatic typesetting command in the procedure, such as the good used cars online www.uu2car.com, for users to post us as much as possible the time to check, too messy under our own manual editing.


No.3, to avoid the web content is not new: more and more people are now engaged in the construction site, the site of all walks of life here is also meet the eye everywhere, there’s great repeatability, copy, if you stand the contents are all come from elsewhere, to some extent, will definitely affect the user experience, because users find inside the contents have seen on other websites when you browse the website, it will no longer continue to browse your site. Therefore, in doing ranking optimization at the same time, may as well spend more effort in the content of the station, and some of their own to tap the user’s resources, I think that will greatly attract the user’s eye. Do a good job in the station content is also an important step to do a good job of user experience.

No.4, avoid website information is inaccurate: no matter what way we get traffic, click, but one thing we need to guarantee is >

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