Because of interest our webmaster has been insisting

has been a station for a year, and I also like to talk about the experience of this period. For the new team just entered the station, the station, promotion, operation, SEO, profitability is so difficult. However, we still insist on it, did not know how many garbage stations, perhaps now this is also regarded as a garbage station. In the past, the online source code is directly uploaded to the space, that would have made a huge content of the site, and now think about the original good silly, naive…

I’m a student. I majored in mechanical engineering in junior middle school this year. But I really like what I do now. Because the station I learned from the school simply do not learn the knowledge is power, it gave me a stick with it, every day in the hope of tomorrow IP will be much, tomorrow’s ranking will not rise, will not be included more ‘with the hope to sleep, woke up in the morning and opened the box. Under the rankings and included. Such a scene, perhaps your predecessors also have a lot of feelings like me, day and night update, maintenance, modification, publicity, perseverance: site URL, check IP statistics, SEO optimization website…

will graduate next year, and many students in the class have started a new round of sprint: postgraduate entrance exams. But I still want to stick to my interest to do it, because the network is my dream, there is still a far way are very tortuous, and I hope the same to the network favorite friends persist, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, believe that you will succeed to the last. Some people think that we work around, who can truly understand the frustration and hardships we these small grassroots webmaster, we have no money, no professional teacher guidance, not only the superior technology, we are on our website. Because of interest and adhere to, perhaps right or wrong, I believe that everyone in the old years of memories of the year when the scene at the moment, will not regret the choice, after all, we have worked hard for the dream.

sleepwalk say, writing is not good, I hope you go, do not throw bricks. (I QQ 154076501, hope to get acquainted with webmaster friends, but also for the station to find some links)

webmaster network starting, reprinted please specify.

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