2009 what navigation is worth using

, 2009. Site navigation station is still so hot! Countless site navigation station is still emerging, but we should choose what kind of Web site navigation station? Facing so many choices, who would you choose?

of course, if you insist on using 123, I can only say that your mind stays in 2005. I have a loud remind you that this is 2009, the year of the ox is coming! Good 123 era has passed, why do you stop thinking at that time, do not move forward? Perhaps I should recommend some site navigation to your


114, 256, four, 123 and I don’t make any comment because they are excellent and are used by most people. I don’t know what it means. You’re looking at it anyway, and I never use these four anyway. Because with these four identical too much, stereotyped, my vision has been tired! The following station is what I recommend for you:


1, Webmaster: if you are a webmaster, then you have to choose Adsense dedicated navigation. Don’t say no, now navigation classification is very fine, what kind of. For example we stationmaster net just releases: http://s.admin5.net/ this. Although the station template is a bit garbage, but the inside of the station is quite good. Some old stationmaster may deny, do not agree with. But for beginners, these are quite necessary. Yes, we should see more people and not just stay on our eyes.

2 and place: there should be an Internet navigation station in every place. That’s my basic opinion. And your web site favorites should also have such a navigation, if not, then go to Baidu quickly, find the best collection. If Baidu doesn’t, then it’s time for you to sell. Do it yourself, because I believe that more people need it and wait for you to build. Many times our webmaster can’t find anything to do. I don’t know what to do. Actually, this is a good opportunity!


3, industry: each industry should also have industry navigation, perhaps you think industry stand navigation is too monotonous. There is not much content, but otherwise. In the industry based navigation, we can also add other stations, to industry based, other stations as a supplement, after all, the Internet is not just on the industry, but also on the other. If he’s watching, the next time he uses the default navigation is yours, instead of using garbage that seems to be useful and useless, such as http://s.wz.lagoo.com.cn. There are many others.

4: comprehensive, in fact, we sometimes need a comprehensive web site navigation, especially the kind of comprehensive site navigation. Yesterday, in a group found someone to promote a "cattle 123" navigation web site. It’s good because it contains a lot of things that other stations don’t have

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