GG webmaster Wangzhuan road without advertising on a tree

about the money issue, we cannot put rotten rotten, but everyone is still very concerned about, after all, who is not willing to and money, but I also believe that the site is not only to make the most of a so-called "master" title only, do not you tube website now big or small all have a common goal is to rely on the website to make money to profit, different sites and different profit models, perhaps the income is the same, but totally do not understand, but some models are not suitable for small and medium-sized websites station long, so for this kind of small and medium-sized webmaster GG advertising is we have to test a tree, even in some part of the income of the whole station.

said that although the mode of the website has many kinds, but in Chinese close to about 2000000 of the webmaster group, the so-called small owners accounted for although there is no scientific data to illustrate what, but has not accounted for in this small, many small and medium-sized site in the site and how much can be like the king of figure as in an industry circle to create their own reputation and the so-called brand, have their own income pattern, but I think too many webmaster are still not the so-called advertisers favor, actively looking for you to advertise, although your web traffic is not Besto the little king. (just take the example of King Wang’s website), because the growth of website popularity is not only proportional to the growth of website traffic. So even if you have good traffic, it is difficult to get into the eyes of many advertisers. So many websites still rely on the so-called advertising alliance to support themselves.


advertising alliance members will probably not strange (if you really don’t understand, use Baidu Search), small will not say now compared with the live support, is Baidu, Ali mother (Taobao customer) and is called the GG, of course, is not limited to me, there are so many, even light advertising is not an exaggeration to say that the name I could fill the whole page, stay in sight for many webmaster is this a few, because Baidu alliance strict vetting and restrictions that are based on the small website is difficult to place, although the domestic good advertising alliance, Ali mother for some in the hot after a period of time, now there are few stationmaster cares for Taobao, guests can not say here, and not any website can enter Taobao customer profitability, the rest is many station GG advertising that worked day and night.

GG advertising seems to be a large number of small and medium-sized site standard, even these days, even some so-called big sites are also hung up, as far as I know, Sina, happy school, can be found in GG and other large advertising Qianlong website on the shadow, although there are too many stations still complain about themselves what did not earn money, or even their own account until now has not reached the standard, and even said innocent K account, but I believe that if not cheating, just to do it, is normally not K you, after all, every year the one billion.

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