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, I don’t know if I’m a qualified webmaster,

does nothing until now. There is no one who thinks of himself and can do it completely. Have given up many stations, each webmaster know their bitter, bitter and spicy.

when we talk about every day how to do, what kind of station, what kind of station, repeatedly are these topics, and do not want to do from the complex simple, from basic do senior, naturally understand what kind of station do, what kind of station.

here, I’ll talk about how to do the station (though I’m not successful, but I can learn from it)

was the first to have a full awareness of their own to do stand, they want to do what kind of station. What kind of station fit myself to do what kind of station is suitable for people to accept! Many people think do porn station, picture station, movie station etc.. These are the people they want to target.

then is the need to study the market, what kind of people will choose your site, what type of people need, this is your promotion must go through the steps, but also can skip, then you will be very tired. Don’t rely on Baidu, or GG, to bring you anything you want.

finally is to invest, buy domain name, choose the domain name that makes people better remember, the space must be stable. Select the database according to your own needs. It is best to maintain good, do a novice webmaster to recommend the use of ASP+ACCESS database maintenance is relatively simple in what do not understand the situation, I recommend KINGCMS background is simple and relatively strong operability.

with all of these, you can start your station trip. Remember, do not just think of what collection system to help you to collect, or manually collect data, authenticity is relatively strong.

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