From personal Adsense to operation company website gain and loss

I got a personal network with only 5~6 static pages at the beginning of 02, when I was so excited that I didn’t sleep well all night. At that time, I just went to high school and didn’t have my own computer. I did a little bit of learning in the school computer room. At that time, I was very interested. After class, I went to the Internet bar to study and make a website. The Internet was expensive at that time. 3 yuan an hour. Think of the food I paid for the day. It was only 3 yuan. I was so fascinated. Later met MLM Wangzhuan and mail money, let my poor children go astray, wasted time, money and energy.

came up after college, I contacted asp web site program, and then give someone else to do enterprise web site. 07 years to do their own creative station, on the site through advertising to make money in a new understanding, but my execution is too poor, do not succeed, as a free webmaster work at home the idea shattered, I started looking for a job 08 years later to know. As a web editor.


to know. More than half a year, from the original site is only a framework to present rich content, flexible form, let me feel very gratified, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot let me share with you. One is to own growth certainly, but also to fight together in the net on the way to the brothers and sisters a little encouragement, perhaps now the rugged road difficult to walk, as long as we have a direction, do not give up the joy of harvest will always come.

network is a professional intellectual property transaction platform, including the transfer of trademarks, patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights transfer trade transaction services, colleagues and professional intellectual property legal services, assessment services, loans etc.. In the century before I came to know that there is almost no contact on these, I choose to do network editing is out of my own hobbies, I was deeply attracted by the network, and the majority of people believe that network coding is a relatively low threshold of position, make their own organic will involved in the Internet, so I choose to do network coding.

but to know a week before. Later, I was very confused, not knowing what to do, what to do, a month later I also very helpless, but also whip Niu Shi such a series of network communication platform, so I can see the successful experience of a lot of people, but also learn some the basic introductory knowledge. I am not a qualified web series, because I only love, not love expression, so to whip Niu Shi so long, yet I know a few people, too ashamed! After I read a lot of good articles, I began to know. Combined with the characteristics of thinking itself, easy to network knowledge how to do this. In retrospect, the work I did was not only a simple editing job, but also participated in the operation and planning of the website. So it’s a good idea to understand the whole website and to do something or to promote it. If you are now just contact the network, do not know where to start doing, then you can enhance your own height, try to think about the site planning operation, will be from!

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