How does community operations manage its own value proposition


first cut bamboo classmates I wrote is always lead back and forth among the interludes, so remote from the subject, you buy some non-staple food ready. The community how to manage their value proposition? First throw an old Terrier: international school teacher had a open question: "what is your own interpretation of the other countries food shortages in Africa?" students ask: what is the food? European students ask: what is the shortage of American students? Q: what is the other country? China students ask: what is your opinion?

so, to answer this question, we must first clarify what is called "community" and what is called "value proposition". Of course, it can also explain what is called "operation"".

speaks community first, the community in this article mainly refers to the Internet community class website. The community may be one of the oldest links to the internet. First of all, from the top surface, how to classify the form of loading, the oldest nature is the forum, here is not to repeat. Let’s look at another type of community that is out of the rigid and complex forms of the traditional forums, with distinctive, irresponsible, new communities. For example, watercress, shell, dried shrimps, and so on.


community trends

emerging community development process, watercress is the best research object, launched a lot of content, some users have summed up. In contrast to traditional forums, hodgepodge and emerging communities, there are several obvious trends to note:

1, the independence of objects

if the person is the subject of the community, then the object of communication between people is the object. In the same book as the object, watercress reading and "Tianya community leisure book plate is the different ways of communication. The emerging community (e.g., watercress) the object from the talk off the formation of independent functions (e.g. review), make the object are no longer attached to the dialogue. The benefits of object independence are obvious. First, it conforms to the sociological law, and the subject and the object are also essential parts of communication. Secondly, the object can be independent, communication is more focused, more in depth, effectively reduce the trash talk object did not show. And trash talk is the end of the world, Baidu stick and other traditional communities ills. More importantly, in the general trend of the independence of the object, the instrumental function of the object has been unprecedented development, so that a large number of tools have become the community.

does that sound a little round or an example?. Dried shrimp, an emerging music community, defines itself as an introduction to share high quality music. As a community, the object of the shrimp is music. So how does shrimp do the music community? It doesn’t build a forum. We all come together to discuss it, but we’ve developed a lot of weird things about music lovers

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