Baidu K by the home page countermeasures

website home page by K, how to deal with, how to let Baidu re included your home page? I did it.

this Thursday, Baidu K dropped my website home page.

actually, before Baidu’s big update, I had a bad feeling. Because I too frequent replacement of IP, last month 18 from the flat-share server into a separate server, results in less than half a month, several station keywords are decreased badly, some friends said my landing station response is unusually slow, probably in July 8 is a snapshot of Baidu for me is actually "website construction, July 9th." give me a snapshot is a snapshot of the 6.18 day. [usually Baidu update snapshot every day, snapshot time is less than 2 days] I am very depressed, so I immediately changed the server.

second days is the date of Baidu’s big update, No. 7.10. It turned out to be the situation. K, home page.

, this is the second time I’ve been K’s home page. For the first time, I don’t remember what time it is.

Now that

is K, have to face, can’t wait to find out the reasons. If this situation is solved.

was K second days, I point stone asked some friends, how to solve Baidu was K home page problem. They also have a period of time and energy.

here to share with you how I do, of course, I did not right, but the first time my home page was K, I do so, Baidu third days to re included my home page. This time, waiting for Baidu update.

although this time I estimate that the reason for changing the server has led to the K home page, but I still do everything step by step.

main steps: 1. check the code content of the website, reduce repeated keywords. (I even removed the ALT text of the web site LOGO).

2. checks whether the website has political language and language, including violence and pornography. (I removed some ambiguous words that might be on the sticky side.)

3. check connections. See if there is an external connection by K. After one check, no site was found by K. But I still took out a few Baidu snapshots, not within 3 days of the station.

4. view logs. Analysis of Baidu crawler. Found Baidu these days still come to my station every day. The home page climbs several times every day, but it doesn’t come out. [check log, I found some wrong 404, the original site has some dead links, this should also pay attention to, as far as possible to reduce the death link, don’t let some details broken your station,

5. tries to add external links, and of course, your home page is K. Linking is not an easy job. It depends on how hard you work and how attractive you are.

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