2008 the latest application Google adsens method package success

recently, Google is so hard to apply,

sees a lot of people asking for money – in the hands of many rookies,

now releases the method.

for free

one. Go to dada.net registration, and then apply for   directly; after submitting the application, send some articles, video, the best

generally maintained in about 50 articles, this matter is easy to pass through, something difficult to pass the probability in 60%, I use this method to help others registered more than 30, only 17 through the.


ename to buy the rice farming rice, because CN can buy cheap… And then go to a CMS system can collect or forwarding articles to keep the.

in the 50 or so cheat

and then submit the application, if in the week 1~5  basically 2 hours or so cross 6~7, that is 48 hours later, within 72 hours. To you reply


is the fastest method for a lot of people for sale method, using foreign blog to apply in some articles, and then submitted to

here in https://s.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/.

said 100 is English adsens interface to submit   interface to the Chinese; Chinese personnel audit, application interface to the United States… English Japanese to apply.  in the small Japanese staff;    

if you use the web site to do an English, use overseas servers, and then submitted here in https://s.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/, the success rate of the application is more than 80%.

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