Do not underestimate the role of soft Wen on the promotion of the site

open the A5, see an article entitled "what is the role of the soft" article, the conclusion of the paper is "soft as promotion website approach is not desirable, or is not scientific, at best, soft websites improve temporary traffic, accelerate the search engines for web content only."

does not agree or disagree with the point of view of the article. In fact, different themes of the content of the web site, take soft Wen promotion, the effect is entirely different, and then give an example of this view.

indeed, considering A5 is almost uniform webmaster, for example, some with strong industry, this kind of website and network and rarely get the top of it, as the author mentioned above is the promotion of soft paper: just temporarily improve site traffic, accelerate the search engine of the website content included. For example, XXX property network, I do not think a few webmaster will click, and even improve the site’s temporary visits are difficult to do.

In contrast to

, and the Internet for some closely related sites, mainly have three categories: programming language class, material class, site navigation webmaster, this kind of website is a sensitive topic for the webmaster, has merit, the webmaster is not stingy to a IP, so to the target site, then when you see the website content rich, think can get some of the available data, then click on the collection will be not at all surprising.

for the web site, when through the soft point in, if you see this site before is like GJJ like site, usually mercilessly place crosses immediately shut down (of course, this is the exception of GJJ). But if you hit a good, new web site, the result would be very different. Usually encounter such sites, the first response is to drag to the bottom of the site, click on "web site included" page, fill in your website information, and then submit the application. And in the next few days, open the station to see if your site is included. My cool 123 site navigation, web site included in the database, every day will also add dozens of web applications submitted. Of course, we will also seriously review each site.

sum up, it is not difficult to find, for non computer domain web site, soft text promotion effect is very poor. For computer material type website, in the website itself content is sufficient premise, soft Wen promotion can play a role, can also maintain for a long time. For the web site, in the premise of unique appearance of the website, soft Wen promotion will play a considerable role, and can continue to be maintained, and submit your website to apply to the web site, will become a very important link in website promotion.

writer is cool 123 site navigation webmaster KUKE original, reproduced please specify. Also very welcome webmaster come to submit the website. Thank you,

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