How to realize emperor’s new clothes marketing through analysis of rebate network

with some large rebate network was attached to the pyramid label, more and more people begin to think that criticized the rebate network, rebate network is a lie, it seems to let us think of a child named broken emperor was not wearing clothes, everyone was forced to wake up, have condemned the two tailors shameless and stupid emperor. This layer of paper pierce the windows, do not need great wisdom, how much courage, just a child careless word can easily expose the lies.

rebate network now the situation not like wearing the emperor’s new clothes after the lies were exposed embarrassing? Does the rebate network into full play the liar’s wisdom, so many people cheated, but can not deny that this type of marketing, is worth learning.

, for example, recently Hunan satellite TV broadcast of "celadon", because the ratings are not high, how to do? The traditional play star card has to die, now TV if there is no certain interest and tempt the appetite of the level set, it is difficult to let people go to popular TV drama, Hunan TV before those idiotic television drama has been difficult to attract users, Hunan TV staff must be aware of this point.

and a type of marketing scheme of the emperor’s new clothes came out, we saw the "celadon" text from the portal site, the main idea is to say, "celadon" this drama ratings are not satisfactory, the main reason is because you want to understand this drama need high IQ, and Hunan TV before has been playing idiotic brand TV, so it is difficult to gather popularity. From this article, from this article, let the audience feel, do not look at the "celadon" because cannot read, because do not want so idiotic, it is idiotic to see it, or.

anyway, I see this article, see the "celadon" of the drama in the evening, did not feel what kind of high IQ, or put on the competition in the commercial affair story only, but the soft article marketing, must make a lot of people began to watch the TV play, at least the author from the article comments inside the post, to see a lot of people.

is now a lot of rebate network marketing, and this kind of marketing have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, take the shopping rebate network for example, is obviously a kind of fighting silly marketing, pie in the sky with Internet high-tech coat, it is easy to think of investment rebate network is an absolutely a way of earning money. And some people become rich because the rebate network, but this is at the top of Pyramid, once lost access to more people, it is located in the middle and lower rebate network investment can only be daliaoshuipiao.

but a lot of people know that "your shopping rebate network I spend my money" marketing way, there is a huge trap, but all such as the emperor new clothes that many people like, because it can get a reward and flattery, naturally let those people with false spurious, fake say true, and this rebate Network >

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