Driving force network marketing choosing domain names is a good idea

domain name for a website is extremely important, but for the network industry, domain name resources are becoming scarce, and good domain name is rare. How to make rational use of and create new domain names has become particularly important.

1, domain name and website theme to associate

domain name and web site topics related to performance in the domain name. Domain name and industry, industry, products, common sense has a high degree of association. Not only on the domain name to be linked, the Chinese name on the station should also be associated, not out of line.

2, the choice of domain name suffix

.Com, an international top-level domain, popular and easy to understand, easy to remember. Select the order is.Com/.net/.org after the drop, followed by the national domain name. Cn/.com.cn/.net.cn/.org.cn after the drop; in the current domestic, usually choose.Com/.cn as the domain name after the drop.

3, the domain name should be simple, good to remember, good spelling, easy to keyboard input

some domain names are pretty complicated. It’s letters and numbers. It all looks like garbage. There are some web domain names, input is a difficult problem, to find on the keyboard, bad input, not good memories.

4, long name is actually good.

short and easy to remember domain name is not good, long domain name is also a good choice. However, the long domain name should correspond to the subject content of the website. I had 2 long domain experience, or have experience.

in 2007, the author planned the B2B type wind power site. When choosing a domain name, the long domain name is selected. At the time of the selection, the relevant short domain name was basically registered. Some are less suited to the site’s positioning. Later, in the investigation found that www.fenglifadian.com domain name has not yet been registered. This domain seems very long, but the wind power domain name Quanpin, is the industry’s most important keywords. Overjoyed, hurry to register. The site has been a great success because of the exact combination of domain names and industry keywords. Depending on this domain name, we even forced another Chinese site name to change the name of the Chinese website.

same thing, there’s another. We have built a conference marketing investment website, the domain name has adopted www.huiyiyingxiao.com. This domain name is the most important keyword in the industry, conference marketing, full pinyin. Like the wind power web site, the site has also been a great success and a great benefit.

from this point of view, the long domain name actually has great value and development space. Long Quan Pinyin domain name in line with Chinese habits, search habits, but also have a friendly side of Baidu search engine. Therefore, in Baidu search engine Table >

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