Guo Yeye as an internet marketer make sure you have a sales job

engaged in network marketing for some time, the ups and downs, summed up, and can write a lot of text. On the network all big master BBS, Network Marketing Summit, senior marketing plan book read a lot, know a lot. There are very few articles about the personal network marketing. As a lower level of social workers, network marketing is a more extravagant investment, the most important reason is because the network marketing effect is sometimes directly linked to money. In Hubei, Baidu marketing service center has done half a year, the Marketing Summit has participated in many times. The presence of all Mister level, the meeting has regulations, non Mister level, is not able to participate in such a large-scale marketing summit. Like our personal network marketing, no money, no right two, want to rely on the network to make a career to have money shop, squeezed out from the teeth. Technology, art, maintenance, financial management, is a person doing, without fatigue.

I’m talking about network marketing, completely from the individual, rather than enterprises, not happy, please bypass, the article is simple, easy to understand, welcome to communicate and exchange.

network marketing, must be independent of the site, rather than just looking for a portal site to apply for blog. The website is the name card, name card will be sent to the hands of customers, non independent website some not too formal for the blog does not have the initiative, there are many portals for blog management is very strict, too much advertising blog was deleted at any time the risk of hard to establish the blog, two or three months after the deletion of even the shadow no, it is very uncomfortable. Even if blogs are free, they can hurt people in the end. Therefore, be sure to be independent of the website, even blog, also be independent!


network marketing requires products. In fact, as a personal network marketing, sales career is a good choice. Work is difficult to find now, sales work is easier to find, sales are the most unstable of all work, jump nest pass is very large. Old sales are different, two or three years of sales work, basic positions are very stable, and very popular, and then jump nest, the work will not be bad. However, sales work is always jittery, after all, sell other people’s things, take other people’s money, always have to worry about fear.

therefore, network marketing can start with sales work, thereby stabilizing the company position through network marketing. Guo Yeye has done a lot of work, selling tea, selling hotels, shopping as a clothing guide, website sales, buying socks, shoes, computers…… Accumulated a lot of experience for later network marketing. Currently working in Hubei Baidu promotion marketing service center, the main task is to sell Baidu promotion.

Baidu promotion, we will not be unfamiliar, especially bosses or colleagues to engage in network marketing, will continue to receive a call from various advertising companies call every day, ask if you need advertising services, Baidu promotion also included a few days advertising phone down, people become slightly agitated. It’s really annoying to be in the customer’s perspective; but, >

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