A head of the 25 day Olympic Valley competition growth history

to tell you the truth, I come to www.admin5.com 100 abstruse cereal SEO contest, is completely uppity, on SEO nine through ten orifices (utterly ignorant of my cheek) built my Olympic Valley site www.baiaogu.cq.cn, for today, really is not easy, but also learned a lot of things.

has been building since April 11th. It’s been 25 days now. I adhere to the original, never copy, insist on regularly updated articles (halfway or a few days off), the design of reasonable keyword density, never pile keywords. These are not worth mentioning to the experts, I have participated in the SEO competition learned.

4 13, station third days, www.google.cn collected my Olympic Valley website, and almost every day included the new page, let me rejoice. However, the Baidu people wistfully, disappointed, hated, since 25 days, Baidu has not included my site where justice 100 Aogu, cry @[email protected]


say that my website ranking scores 100 aogu. In Google, "100 abstruse cereal" keywords currently ranked 52, not worth mentioning. However, there are 2 let me think of the word ranking is relatively high, "Olympic Valley" in the official website ranked first, "100 abstruse cereal" baiaogu pinyin is ranked fourth. Although in this contest, these keywords ranking high also does not work, but still give me some inspiration, that is the key words don’t always staring at the hot words, comprehensive consideration of some popular words, it can also bring some small surprises.

Olympic Valley scenery is very wonderful. All the participants, go on,


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