How to tap the value that you ignore

business opportunities are numerous,


value everywhere,


you have so many valuable things as gold that you have neglected.

most of the people in the machinery of the busy, lack of meditation thinking, if you have been busy for many years no harvest, you should pause at the moment, Jingxiaxinlai, summary, analysis, understanding, you may have very big harvest. This article will give you some ideas to share and perhaps some inspiration for you.

, please remember and think about this sentence: most of the business is built on the basis of asymmetric information,


this sentence is abstract, so I summed up a more straightforward words: "you know a lot of very simple things, for some people and enterprises are very valuable!"


to cite an example to illustrate: website traffic statistics and analysis of this tool, is to do what people know, free of charge everywhere, for the site owners, is very common. But for most of the traditional business owners, this tool is not a very common tool. When some traditional enterprises do network marketing consulting, I found that many of the traditional enterprise a year spent tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of network promotion expenses, spent the muddleheaded. If you tell him that there is such a tool, it has the following functions:

1, can help him to analyze his promotion, see the effect, those promotion did not see effect;

How many potential customers do

2 bring each day? What countries and regions are these potential customers from?

3, these flows from those search engines, what keywords are used,


4, which traffic visited those pages on the web?

5, and so on, accurate data of promotion effect.

at this time, the traditional business owners are very surprised, he would not think there is such a tool, they are really too useful. So I will be a site traffic statistical analysis system based on the increase for an enterprise is convenient to generate and print report function, and then packaging a new name: network marketing analysis system, more than a thousand yuan price, sell a lot of. At the same time as a free gift to customers the tools, customers get after, will thank you very much, also think, since I dare to teach him how to detect the website promotion effect, that our network marketing plan is very effective, otherwise I can’t teach him. This tool has helped me save a lot of time for negotiation.

of course, I also see a lot of more successful commercial companies. They sell these products to some big companies and charge higher fees. They are more than ten thousand a year, but those companies find it very valuable.

why is a similar product, in some people’s eyes worthless, in some people’s eyes worth a few?

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