Summer shops need to do a good job of fire prevention

no matter what kind of shop, no matter how much effort the owner, a fire is likely to destroy everything. As the saying goes, rich thousands of labourers, the poor fire. Especially in the summer hot weather, dry air drying prone to fire. And our retail business is not easy to work hard, so the supermarket fire prevention is more important, I hope that the retail stores are mainly serious.

, the main reason for the fire occurred in the supermarket is the aging of the circuit wire, copper wire exposed to produce sparks, fire. Because, we store the main attention to the regular inspection of the store in the bare power cord and electrical outlet, to see if the wire aging, nudity, electrical sockets, etc.. If the danger source is found, replace the power cord and electrical outlet in time to avoid the fire.

two, the customer into the store, and some customers like smoking, and do not pay attention to social ethics, readily throw cigarette butts, causing fire hazards. And closely related to the supermarket owner, has the responsibility and obligation to control. We should change the store posted "no smoking" signs to prevent customers from throwing cigarette butts and causing fire.

three, we should also be standing in the store a few live dry powder extinguisher, when a small fire occurs, can be carried out in a timely manner to help themselves, but also for the fire truck to win time.

four, children are often the initiator of the fire, and for the supermarket, their children are the biggest risk of fire. Therefore, we have the obligation to children at home, to carry out the popularization and education of fire prevention knowledge, warned children to play with fire.

is not a fire for a general store influence, after paying out countless efforts, if only because of a fire, let all the efforts were in vain, even debt countless, this is not acceptable for many of the owner. Therefore, if the store operating in the summer, it is necessary to do a good job related to fire prevention.

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